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D E A R  G U E S T

Welcome to Cheshire!

We hope that you have an enjoyable stay with us here at The Hollies Forest Lodges. We want to make your stay as perfect as possible so please let us know if any issues arise whilst you are staying with us. Contact details can be found later in the pack. You may be looking to escape the world whilst you are here, but if you want to stay connected. If you would like to shout about your stay on our socials, then please feel free to tag us!

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Best wishes, Your Hollies Team


Welcome to The Hollies Forest Lodges, where we provide a luxurious and comfortable retreat for you Cheshire getaway. This pack is designed for your use before and during your stay, and it is vitally important that you familiarise yourself with it. By reading this document you agree to all guidelines and conditions. Any queries please email: [email protected]


• Monday – Saturday: 4 pm – 7 pm.

• Sunday: 4 pm – 5 pm.

• Check out is 10am


Each Lodge is allocated two parking spaces. Additional vehicles can be parked on The Hollies main car park or by the office. Please refer to the map for further guidance.


Please note that the entrance and exit gates are shut outside of the shop opening hours. A key fob will be provided with your keys for the Out of Hours Entrance/Exit (see map) for your convenience. The code for the out of hours gate is 1234#


To ensure that all guests have a pleasant and comfortable stay, we kindly request that you adhere to the following guidelines:

• We request that you leave your key in your Lodge before you depart.

• Please leave the Lodge in the same condition as you found it.

• Please follow our guidelines regarding the use of the hot tub.

• Please respect other guests and keep noise to a minimum after 10 pm.

• Glitter or confetti are not allowed in or around the Lodges and hot tub.

• The use of banned recreational substances is prohibited on site.


If you have French doors inside the bedroom, please don’t remove the keys as these can be used as your emergency exit.


We are happy to offer free Wi -Fi in every Lodge for your convenience. Please note that there may be occasional disruptions to the service that are beyond our control. To connect to the Wi-Fi, please follow these simple instructions:

• Use your smart phone, laptop, iPad, or other device to scan for available networks.

• Select the network with the same name as your Lodge.

• Choose the Lodge name as your network and proceed.

• You will find your password on the first page of your welcome pack.

Please use the Wi -Fi responsibly.


If you experience any breakages during your stay, please don’t hesitate to notify a member of our staff. We’ll be happy to replace any items, where possible during your stay. Please note that any damages or breakages that are considered. unreasonable will be charged from your pre -authorisation (excluding general wear and tear) upon checkout or onc e the damage has been brought to our attention. If any items within the Lodge are not working properly, please let us know as soon as possible during your stay so we can promptly repair or replace them. To ensure the safety and comfort of all our guests, our Lodges are thoroughly checked and serviced upon departure.


At our establishment, we take great pride in offering our guests the utmost in comfort and convenience. As part of our commitment to providing you with a top-notch experience, we offer a selection of full -size hygiene products in our rooms. These products are carefully chosen for quality and effectiveness to ensure that your stay with us is as comfortable as possible. To continue providing this level of service and maintain the quality of the products we offer, a charge will be taken if the full-size hygiene items are removed from the lodge after you stay.


Our farm shop team can be reached by calling 01829 760 414 and following


We want you to have a comfortable and enjoyable time in our hot tubs, which are maintained at approximately 40 degrees Celsius for your relaxation. Please note that the temperature of the tubs will drop slightly once the cover is removed. To ensure that all guests can enjoy the hot tubs, we ask that you refrain from altering the temperature display ed on the control panel. Moreover, please put the cover back on when the hot tub is not in use. If your Lodge has decking, please be aware that it can become slippery when wet. We kindly ask you to exercise caution when using the area to prevent any accidents. For your safety, we have established a few rules that we ask you to adhere to:

• No glitter, please.

• To prevent any breakage, kindly use only plastic cups provided in your Lodge, and please do not bring any glassware near the hot tub.

• Smoking is not allowed in the hot tub area.

• To ensure water quality, we kindly ask that you shower before entering the hot tub and remove any lotions, tanning products, and perfumes.

• Please do not add any products such as bubble bath, salts, or oils to the water.

• For your safety, please do not use the hot tub if you are under the influence of alcohol, recreational substances, or medications.

• For your safety, please do not bring any electrical appliances, telephones, or tablets within 5 feet of the hot tub.

• Children under the age of 3 are not permitted to use the hot tub. Children over the age of 3 must be always supervised and not be left alone in the hot tub area.

• The hot tub’s water temperature should not exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees centigrade). We kindly ask you to limit your soak time to 15 minutes and cool off before re -entry for your safety.

• Please enter and exit the hot tub slowly and safely. Do not stand on the cover or tamper with the settings, and do not use party poppers in the hot tubs.

• Failure to adhere to any of the rules may cause contamination of the hot tub, which may result in a penalty charge of £200 for excessive cleaning.

Warning: The hot tubs should not be used for 30 minutes after they have been cleaned by Housekeeping during your stay. You enter the hot tub at your own risk, and we kindly ask you to consult your doctor before using it if you have heart disease, diabetes, high or low blood pressure, or if you are pregnant.


If you require emergency assistance, please dial 999 . The full address for this site is:

The Hollies Farm Shop,

Forest Road,

Little Budworth,



* * Out of hours, you will need to let the Emergency Services know that access to the site can be gained via Longstone Lane off the A49 – CW6 9ET. You will need to give them access through the Out of Hours Entrance/Exit gates using your key fob. * *


If you do call any emergency service, you are to inform the Out of Hours Emergency Warden on 01829 760 009.


• If you discover a fire, please call 99 9 and evacuate the lodge to the assembly point, located to the right of the exit of the Forest Lodge Park.

If you do call any emergency service, you are to inform the warden on 01829 760 009. Follow the sign to the assembly point and wait for assistance.

• An emergency telephone is available on site (see site map)

In your Lodge for your own safety, we have provided:

• A C02 Cylinder. This can be used on any fire including an electrical fire – please. follow the instruction on the cylinder.

• A Fire blanket. These are used for cooking fires, such as the hob, oil, or microwave. Please follow the instructions on the front of the blanket. It is an offence to misuse, remove or break any item that is provided to protect the health safety and welfare of yourself and others.


FIRE – 01606 868700

POLICE – 101

LOCAL HOSPITAL – Victoria Infirmary, Winnington Hill, Northwich, CW8 1AW 01606 564000


The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you should need, including a basic first aid kit. You will find a fridge freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, crockery, glassware, and utensils for use during your stay. There are dishwasher tablets, washing u p liquid, an antibacterial spray and cloths located underneath the sink. Plastic glasses are provided for use in the hot tub. The iron, ironing board and vacuum can be found in the cloakroom. In Lodges with no cloakroom, these will be in a wardrobe. Please be aware that the gas hob reaches full temperature much quicker than an electric hob.


If the oven doesn’t heat up, then this is usually because it has been switched off at the mains near the hob. If this happens, you will need to:

• Press and hold the timer button and the button that looks like a pot with wavy lines at the top.

• Whilst holding these buttons, press the + button until the time changes.

• The oven should now be ready to heat up.


We hope to provide our guests with the perfect getaway experience and hope that you can enjoy all the facilities we offer. We ask that you please consider all other guests. and our neighbours by always keeping noise to reasonable levels. Please consider that during the evening any noise travels much further due to the environment. Excessive noise and disruption could result in you/your party having to leave the site. Any behaviour that is deemed anti -social or where there is failure to follow any of the site safety signs and instructions could again result in you/your party having to leave the site. We ask for all guests to keep noise to a minimum by 10pm.


Please contact us as soon as you know you have left something. If we find any lost property, we will make every reasonabl e effort to locate the owner and return it, but if we cannot locate the owner and an item is not reclaimed within 3 months of the guest’s departure it will be disposed of by The Hollies.


The thermostat can be found in the kitchen area of your Lodge. Please note, if are using the log burner, we would advise that you move the thermostat into the bedroom to ensure that the bedroom continues to be heated.


When using the log burner please take care when laying, cleaning, and stoking the fire. The burner has a cast iron handle that you must use to open and close – there is a stove mitten provided, but we do ask for you to be extremely careful when using this as the outer door and surfaces get extremely hot when the fire is lit. Please ensure that any sparks that leave the stove when you are adding fuel are fully extinguished. When cleaning and re -laying always ensure that the ashes are cold. (A metal container is provided outside the lodge for the ashes). Logs are to be stored outside and can be purchased from the main Farm Shop. Please DO NOT stack on either side of the stoves as this will create a source of ignition from the heat. Use at your own risk. Please note, if are using the log burner, we would advise that you move t he thermostat into the bedroom to ensure that the bedroom continues to be heated.


1. When lighting a fire, air is your friend. Every wood burner has air vents which should be opened completely before you start. They can then be adjusted once the fire has taken.

2. Build a small pyramid-shaped structure in the middle of the stove using the kindling and a couple of firelighters. Make sure that there is space between the items so that air can get in to feed the fire as it gets going.

3. Light the firelighters with a match and then as the kindling takes hold, partially close the door of the stove leaving a gap of about an inch to let in maximum air. You should not leave the room while the door is open.

4. Once the kindling is burning strongly you can add two or three larger logs, being careful not to smother the fire.

5. You can now shut and secure the door of the wood burner. Once the logs are properly alit you can adjust the air vents to half open or less so that your wood burns for longer. You may need to open them again if the fire dies down, or when adding new logs.


We reserve the right to charge guests the cost of replacing any items that are removed from the premises without consent. The charge will be the full replacement amount of the missing item, including any carriage cha rges. Should the fact that the item is missing become evident after the guest has departed, we reserve the right to make a charge to the guest’s pre -authorised credit/debit card or send an invoice for the amount to the registered address. We reserve the right to charge guests the cost of rectifying damage, caused by the accidental, deliberate, negligent, or reckless act of the guest to the property or structure. We will however make every effort to rectify any damage internally prior to contacting specialists to make the repairs, and therefore will make every effort to keep any costs that the guest would incur to a minimum.


A strict non-smoking policy is in place inside The Hollies Forest Lodges. If it is found that you have smoked inside the Lodge, there will be a charge for cleaning of £500. There are glass cigarette trays located externally for your convenience. Please ensure all cigarettes are fully extinguished as we are in a forest setting.


We kindly ask that all guests staying in the Lodges use the bin provided in the kitchen area. During your stay we kindly ask that you separate all glass bottles from your general rubbish so that they can be recycled. There is a small plastic bin outside your Lodge where you can pl ace your bottles. If there is any excessive waste, we ask for you to place the bin bags into the wheelie bins at the left of the Forest Lodge entrance. Also, towards the site exit there are glass bins which we would like to encourage all guests to use. We aim to recycle as much of our waste as possible. The Hollies appreciate your support in helping us do so.


No pets are permitted in The Hollies Forest Lodges.


Monday to Saturday: 8.30am – 7pm

Sunday: 8.30am – 5pm

The Hollies began in 1959 as a vegetable barrow on the side of the road with an honesty box. Over 60 years later, The Hollies Farm Shop has grown to become one of the best Farm Shops in the Northwest . 4 generations in the making, the family’s passion lies in sourcing great food and providing the best customer service, through every part of the business. With more than 50 local suppliers, we stock some of the best produce that Cheshire has to offer, complimented by the best food from other regions and abroad. The family’s heritage lies within farming, and they have always believed that the best local food should be tasty, high quality and fully traceable. Potatoes, carrots, seasonal vegetables, pumpkins, Christmas trees and plants are grown and nurtured within the family.


The Hollies Butchery offers our customers the finest, fully traceable meats available including local meats, fillet steaks, roasting joints, homemade award – winning sausages, burgers, kebabs, and many other great meat products.


The Delicatessen offers a range of homemade pies & quiches, pizza, pasta salad, home cooked meats, homemade coleslaw & potato salad, freshly baked bread, paté, olives, cheese, oils, and many other tasty treats.


Treat yourself or someone special to a fabulous present. The Barn Home and Gift Department stocks a wide range of unique and unusual gifts including jewellery, clothing, homeware, beauty products, luxury toiletries, toys & cards.


Open daily from 8am our Takeaway at Little Budworth offers breakfast, brunch, lunch, sweet treats, and great coffee by local roasters.


The Deli Bar is situated in our farm shop at Little Budwort h and is an eatery and wine bar, where you can sip fabulous wines, and nibble on tasty foods from our Farm Shop.